Privacy Policy

Thank You for visiting This privacy policy designed by the owner of the website implies to all of the content written on it. In the below details, we have described how, we can take your information, store it protectively and use it etc.

It’s very necessary to know that Skateboard Buzz doesn’t sell or give any type of information that a customer leaves on the website. We understand the term that your privacy should be respected in the same manner as we respect outs.

There are probably two kinds of information that is been collected via our website; one is associated with customer service or participating in a poll etc; the second one is based on geographic data i.e. collecting data from your IPs, mobiles, and tablets etc.

While you are commenting on our website, you should be asked to leave your email address and your name. In case you fill out your mail and name information in an opt-out form, a confirmation link will be sent t you to confirm this process. And after that, we will send your email and important information to the website’s databases for future updates related to product reviews.

In most cases, we use contact information to contact the user or customer about recent updates happening on our website and promotions that we should be making in near future. The information, provided by you is highly secured in our databases and may only be shared with those customers who are authorized to make any kind of potential transactions. The information provided by you is so protective that even none of our employees or third party can gain access to it.

You can always opt out from all kind of updates or emails by simply unsubscribing to our newsletter. You will also be able to delete all kind of your information you left on our website.

Skateboard Buzz uses cookies to enhance the user experience of the customer on a revisit. Cookies can identify how much time you spend on the website and what kind of content you like the most.

Your IP addresses are also collected by our hosting servers and it is a part of a demographic profile or location data. One can also term it as “traffic.”

All type of technical information about the gadget you are using to access our website like your browser, operating system, computer, mobile device ID number or any other stuff is also taken as a part of information.

In case of using a cell phone, your exact location (if you have enabled it) is also been noted down as a part of valuable information to enhance the design of our website in a best possible way.

The URL of the last webpage that you have vested before you open Sktabeoard Buzz is also taken in our account for some time.

All type of other information related to your search queries and search results or what you search for on our website is also taken into account for a better UI (User Interface) experience.

The information collected from a customer can also be used to contact the person for mentioning important updates or for answering their queries in the best possible way.

We can also disclose your information in case of an emergency such as illegal frauds or their investigations. If some higher authorities are demanding us about the data of customers, we will not say NO to them.

We may also disclose your non-personal data to third-party apps.

To keep your data safe from the outside world in every possible way, we will implement all kind of safety measures to prevent any unlawful access.

The policy doesn’t imply to users aged under 13 years. Information collected from a 13-year-old or under is usually unanimous and we immediately delete it as we come to know about the user’s age.